Who is shenelle scott dating nosotro los nobles online dating

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Who is shenelle scott dating

Not saying Jay-Z is the father then again who knows.

ok…i would not be surprised if that was jayz’s kid although it is to cute to be his…however do not start rumours saying that people have kids when they dont…carter does not have a child!

unless you have actual proof, which i would like to see!

He is an adorable little boy, and I can’t say whether it is true or not.

Shocking secrets and scandals of drug addiction, steamy affairs and a hidden love child tatter their perfect picture.

Former Miss Belgium Claudia Scheelen claimed that Jay Z bought her drink and flirted heavily with her during a night out in Antwerp last month.

Seems to me that the money means more to her than her son…If this is true this child should be taken away from both of them since all they are seeing is dollar signs.Source: Media Take Out & Concrete Loop Photo Credit: Media Takeout Media is not a reliable source AT ALL – they believe EVERYTHING that is sent to them.I could send them an e-mail right now claiming to be the secret daughter of James Dean or Rudolph Valentino and they’d post it, no questions asked.Back in 2010, there were rumors that Jay Z adult star Jazmine Cashmire pregnant. Jay Z denied it as well, but the National Enquirer reported that he paid her off and bought her a .5 million home. In 2004, there were rumors that Jay Z had fathered a love child with Free, the popular co-host of BET show 106 & Park. Earlier this year, rapper LIV told Radar online that Jay Z hit on her in 2008 when he was with Beyonce.“They did DNA tests,” Jerald Andrews, the father of Scott’s ex-boyfriend Malike Sayeed told Star. Nothing more happened than that, and Jay Z never commented.

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U go girl, keep doin your thing, much respect from your friends from Trinidad. This Shenelle chick probably took the deal back when the kid was born. Some of you are killing me with the comments that this “doesn’t sound like Jay-Z”. We don’t know him; we know the image he puts out there. Diddy probably seems like a “good guy” to some of you too but that didn’t stop him from having a baby on the side (BEFORE the twins) and then getting caught on camera going to Sienna Miller’s hotel room (after dropping her off in the a.m.). I guess it’s beyond resonable doubt that that could be Jigga’s son,i hope it’s because of the dough homeboy has that that Shen…

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