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Sls chat line

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November 3, 1957 - Sputnik 2, carrying the dog Laika for 7 days in orbit, is launched by the U. August-September, 1977 - Voyagers 1 and 2 leave Earth to meet with Jupiter in 1979 and Saturn in 1980.

September 3, 1976 - Viking 2 lands on Mars on the Plain of Utopia, where it discovered water frost.

March 17, 1958 - Vanguard 1 satellite is launched into orbit, and continues to transmit for 3 years. July 20, 1976 - Pictures of the Martian surface are taken by Viking 1, the first U. attempt to soft land a spacecraft on another planet.

March 5, 1958 - Explorer 2 is launched by a Jupiter-C rocket, and fails to reach orbit. June 22, 1976 - Soviet military space station Salyut 5 is launched, remaining in orbit until August 8, 1977.

February 20, 1962 - Mercury Friendship 7 lifts off with John H. satellite, beams the first live transatlantic telecast. June 16, 1963 - Vostok 6 carries Soviet Cosmonaut Valentia Tereshkova, the first woman in space and orbits the Earth 48 times. February 3, 1966 - Soviet Luna 9 is the first spacecraft to soft-land on the moon. September 15, 1968 - Soviet Zond 5 is launched, the first spacecraft to orbit the Moon and return. July 20, 1969 - Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, Jr.

R., carrying Cosmonaut Gherman Titov, the first day-long Soviet space flight. Mariner 2, the first successful planetary spacecraft, flies past Venus, and enters a solar orbit. March 24, 1965 - Ranger 9 transmits high-quality images of the moon, many of which were shown live in the first television spectacular about the moon. and Thomas Stafford in Gemini 6 make the first space rendezvous with Gemini 7. October 18, 1967 - Venera 4 sends a descent capsule into the Venusian atmosphere, returning data about its composition. December 21, 1968 - Apollo 8 is launched with Frank Borman, James A. January, 1969 - Soyuz 4 & 5 perform the first Soviet spaceship docking, transferring Cosmonauts between vehicles.

November 16, 1965 - Soviet Venus 3 is launched, becoming the first craft to impact Venus on March 1, 1966.

May 17, 1974 - NASA launches the first Synchronous Meteorological Satellite, SMS-1.

Over the next year, it returned photographs of Venus and Mercury.

S.-IGY space probe was launched by a Juno II rocket, and achieved an earth-moon trajectory, passing within 37,000 miles of the moon. September 12, 1959 - Luna 2 is launched, impacting on the moon on September 13 carrying a copy of the Soviet coat of arms, and becoming the first man-made object to hit the moon. July 15, 1972 - Pioneer 10 becomes the first man-made object to travel through the asteroid belt.

April 19, 1971 - Salyut 1 space station is launched by the U. It returns the first close-up images of Jupiter in 1973.

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