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Her mother was diagnosed with Lewy Bodies dementia 3 years ago.

Now she realizes just how important her chosen profession is and how not planning can effect a family.

She began her insurance career in 1976 and has over 25 years of extensive chronic health care issues exposure and has been specializing in Long Term Care Planning for over 23 years.

In addition to lecturing throughout the United States, Ms.

It aims at sparking interest in the future and in the shaping of the future.

Vice President of Central States Insurance Services and LTC Solutions.

That is why it is necessary for all of us to allocate some amount on monthly or annual basis to long term care insurance.

Read More Long-Term Care Insurance - Purchase Young and Save - Often people think that long-term care insurance is for people who are old. People of every age group are nowadays buying insurance for long-term health care.

Some people might find that insurance for long-term care insurance is expensive which is true in most cases but the most important thing is that by getting ensured they have taken care of their most important asset i.e. Some of the youngsters who are taking care of their old parents understand the importance of this kind of insurance.

George Mellendorf is an independent insurance agent that specializes in products that meet or exceed expectations at the time of utilization.

He represents multiple financial products and companies in order to find the best value for each client.

He created and authorized the first Buyer’s Guide to Nursing Home Insurance in 1986.

This guide was a joint effort with BC/BS of Michigan, Department of Insurance, Senator Sandy Levin’s office and Governor Blanehard’s office to aging department.

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She works harder to ensure that every family has the opportunity to learn and understand Long Term Care, the delivery, and the Insurance.