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John Young CRYPTOME 251 West 89 th Street Suite 6E New York, New York 10024 Dear Mr. Your Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request of March 29, 2001, for records concerning various dossiers.

Your request was received in this office on April 23, 2001 . Letter this office of April 20, 2001, advising you that we were unable to comply with the statutory 20-day time limit in processing your request.

In the meantime, here’s what you and your guildmates need to know.1.

is just finalizing the details and exact schedules.

Section 1.3(a)(3) of EO 12958 provides that information shall be classified CONFIDENTIAL if its unauthorized disclosure reasonably could be expected to cause damage to the national security.

-2- Section 3.4(b)(1) of EO 12958 provides that classified information more that 25 years old is exempt from automatic declassification if it would reveal the identity of a confidential human source, or reveal information about the application of an intelligence source or method, or reveal the identity of a human intelligence source when the unauthorized disclosure of that source would clearly and demonstrably damage the national security interests of the United States.

Please cite DIA #0287-99 assigned to your request so that it may be easily identified.


MEADE, MARYLAND 20755*5995 DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY November 20, 2001 Freedom of Information/ Privacy Office Mr.

We are continuing to review records regarding other titles you have requested and will respond to you by separate correspondence when our review is complete. Nichols Chief, Freedom of Information/ Privacy Office Enclosure THIS MUST REMAIN TOP DOCUMENT 0' As of all material (Dg.te) included in this file conforms with _DA policies currently in effect „ f / /A &« 7 * n (Si^fcure) (Date Signed) ^ e t Print - Mf S Identificatlon_Booklet- Mf S Informants a. Strengths and Losses Page Civilian Border Helpers (Grenzhelfer) — Control of Classified Materiel and Information- al General • — b. © 2o(l Uc Sf* Mf S Personnel The Mf S Officer for the 1st BC Bn was\£_ - ^his superior was an U/X Mf S Major in the 10th BC Regt.

If you have any questions concerning this action, feel free to contact this office at (301) 6774742. General Methods of Operation- Biographic Data on Informants (1) 4th BC Co, 6CHLEGEL- (2) 1st BC Co. PISTRISOTION «V ONt Cl NATOK: • - J 3-USAREUR l-USAFE 1-V Corps 3 1-EUC0M Vtf SASAE lr VTI Corps 1-USASPD 1-EEIC 1-ACSI 1- 1-OSI 1-USMLM 1-CINCUSRAVEUR JXA 3-CCFPA l O^T 1-66 th MI Cp, 430th l-66th MI Gp. Classification Degrees — : Personnel Evaluations Unconventional Warfare Training- a. There were no other Mf S personnel in the 1st BC Bn other than the informants who worked for the Hf S.

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Section 3.4(b)(6) of EO 12958 provides that classified information more than 25 years old is exempt from automatic declassification if it would reveal information that would seriously and demonstrably impair relations between the United States and a foreign government, or seriously and demonstrably undermine ongoing diplomatic activities of the United States. In addition, information has been sanitized from the records and the same 978 pages withheld under (b)(1) are denied in their entirety as the release of the information would reveal the identity of confidential sources and sensitive intelligence methods. The significant and legitimate governmental purpose to be served by withholding is that a viable and effective intelligence investigative capability is dependent upon protection of confidential sources and sensitive methodologies.