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The fiery Batangueño argued that the installation of new car plates should only be limited to brand-new vehicles for registration. Forcing car owners to cough up P450 for new car plates when there’s nothing wrong with their old ones is tantamount to highway robbery. What is worse is the LTO cannot even deliver new plates for vehicles and here they are charging owners of old vehicles to change their old plates without question.

Somebody should remind the smart guys at the LTO of the old adage: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” As it is, motorists already face so many hardships and difficulties on the road. The LTO just has to look around to see how many cars have no plates because their supplier cannot produce them fast enough.

The scientific contributions, of the highest level, are valid proof of the tradition of exchanging experiences and of the continual up-dating of knowledge in the different sectors of lipid metabolism, genetics, physiopathology, pathological anatomy, bio- chemical and clinical diagnosis, diet, pharmacological and non-pharmacological ther- apy. .- Atherosclerosis Regression from a Clinical and Anatomo-Pathological Standpoint.- 49 A five year follow up of carotid atherosclerosis using B-mode imaging ultrasound.- 50 Preliminary results of the program on the surgical control of the hyperlipidemias (POSCH).- 51 The time course of atherosclerotic lesion regression in macaque monkeys.- 52 Human atherosclerosis and inflammation.

The numerous contributions made by authors in the field of epidemiology and the prevention of atherosclerosis were also fundamental since not only research centres but also doctors all over the world are engaged in the battle which was defined by the WHO, twenty-five years ago, as the most important epidemic of the modern age. An immunocytochemical and ultrastructural investigation.- 53 Carotid plaque volume measurement.- 54 Humoral factors of direct influence on the formation and regression of atheromatous plaques.- Atherosclerosis in Youth.- 55 The WHO-ISFC study on pathobiological determinants of atherosclerosis in youth (PBDAY): a first morphometric approach to aortic lesions.- 56 Atherosclerosis precursors in children.

We are pleased to be able to thank all those who joined us in celebrating the oldest university in the world. .- 46 Atherosclerosis-related effects of verapamil, anipamil and other calcium antagonists studied on cell culture.- 47 Antiatherosclerotic effects of anipamil, verapamil and other calcium antagonists studied on cell culture.- 48 Can the progression of coronary heart disease be influenced by calcium antagonists?A brief overview of each chapter is provided below.Chapter 1 presents a general overview of nuclear medicine imaging physics and instrumentation including planar scintigraphy, single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) and positron emission tomography (PET).An effort has, therefore, been made to place the reviews provided in this book in a broader context.The effort to do this is reflected by the inclusion of introductory chapters that address basic principles of nuclear medicine instrumentation and dual-modality imaging, followed by overview of issues that are closely related to quantitative nuclear imaging and its potential role in diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

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Background and features.- 80 The Brisighella heart study report from 1984 to 1989.- Hyperlipoproteinemia Therapy: When to Opt for Drug Combinations.- 81 Drug combination therapy for selected hyperlipidemic patients.- 82 Hyperlipoproteinemia therapy: when to opt for drug combination?