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Unfortunately Australians have differing opinions on what leads a couple to becoming monogamous, which is why this stage of a relationship can often leave people confused.

One in three believe you need to have 'the talk' or 'ask' in order to become exclusive and another third said that they rely on 'gut feeling' alone.

It is around the half-year mark people feel comfortable enough to be truly vulnerable with their significant other.

It takes five months for people to let their partner see them cry and two months for women to be around their partner with no make up on.

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These days one of the main ways couples share their new romance is by sharing a photo online, which 29 per cent do after four months.

· One in three Aussies still believe you need to have 'the talk' or 'ask' in order to become monogamous (31%)· People wait on average three months to deactivate their online dating profiles after meeting their partner· Aussies wait on average four months to share a snap of themselves with their partner on social media (29%)· Men are far quicker to say 'I love you', with half (50%) saying it in the first three months· The average person only waits a month longer to break wind in front of their new love (6 months) than they wait to keep a toothbrush at their house (5 months) Australian couples take three months to utter those three little words.

That said, a 28 per cent of people would move in together, 13 per cent would get engaged and 15 per cent would go as far as to get a pet together in six months or less.The research also revealed that Australians don't rush into sleeping with someone, with the majority waiting three months before they make the move.On the other hand, nine per cent of people opt to sleep with someone on the same day or within the week of meeting them.** I love cooking Arabic food,, Filipino food etc...*** that's all if you like to chat with me please visit my profile then I'll reply with you...i Hi I'm looking a guy loving ..caring,,understanding and most god fearing I want a serious minded and since of to respect for each other!!In the lead up to holiday season, where 22 per cent of singles feel the loneliest, new research from online dating site e Harmony has revealed the milestones couples reach throughout their relationship.

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Some may not be surprised that the research shows that men are more keen to get into the sack, with one in four Aussie males open to sex within the first week of dating someone new, compared to only one in 10 females who said the same.