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Dating websites vancouver

Their journey continues up into Southeast Asia before crossing the North Indian Ocean and making their way down to Madagascar and South Africa, finishing their circumnavigation with a Atlantic crossing to the Caribbean.You can follow along at their website, or on or website contains cruising notes, modifications for world cruising and their medical volunteering experiences in third world countries.They are happy to be contacted and answer questions.Don't Miss the "Portrait of a Cruiser" feature, profiling regular contributors to noonsite, in the News Section.If you would like your website or blog listed here, please send an e-mail with details to [email protected] blog created for the cruising community to contribute like minded subject matter (sailing, food, fitness, cruising lifestyle; maintenance and tips).

In 2014/2015 they travelled the east coast of the USA and then explored many countries in the Caribbean before crossing the Atlantic to visit the Mediterranean.Some have stopped cruising, but their site still holds a lot of very useful information, however the majority are still underway.As well as circumnavigators we link to cruisers in every area of the world.Amanda and Mark Church bought their boat Balvenie (a 47 foot fractional rigged, center cockpit sloop) in New Zealand in 2003 and have sailed over 45,000 miles in her to date.Having left NZ in 2004, via Suez to the Med (where they stayed a couple of years), they sailed across the Atlantic to the Caribbean in 2012.

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